Creating Something Better?

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I would love to know how to start over and create something better. I feel like I have been skirting by with just the bare minimums. I have been seeing my doctor, taking my meds, going to support groups, and all I feel is bitter that nothing seems to be working. I just know that I can feel better than this. I know it.

I was thinking maybe I need to see a therapist rather than a psychologist for awhile. I think I need to do more reading online and advocate for myself more. I just don’t know where to start. I feel so lost and I’m worried I’ll become complacent with the way things are and I just can’t let that happen.

I would love a sunshiny life and I hate to think that they just don’t exist.



3 thoughts on “Creating Something Better?

  1. I think they do exist (sunshiney life) but not as a constant. No one is constantly in that state – unfortunately. But I think there can be extended periods and real, genuine moments of happiness. I am sure you will get there. I personally found a therapist to be much more helpful, it may be worth a try. Also you are doing great – keep doing the things that are asked of you and keep doing things which you find any enjoyment in. The happiness will come soon enough.

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