Oh joy

So a few months back my general anxiety was so high that I just wasn’t eating. I drank occasional protein shakes to try and get something in my system but that was about it. That lasted for something like 7 months. I lost a lot of weight. My clothes were so baggy people at work were asking questions and concerned. 

Then my psychiatrist lets me try a new medication typically meant for epilepsy but she said studies have shown it to help with anxiety. Now, 3 months later the anxiety edge is taken down a notch and I’m back to eating. But I’ve gained all the weight back. In just 3 months! Sheesh. I’m so chubby. I’d like to blame it all on side effects but I think it’s mostly me not eating right. 

Also, I ate a bowl of Apple Jacks this morning and underestimated how vicious they can be to the roof of your mouth. It’s torn to shreds! Now I’m eating a sandwich and every bite is a painful reminder of how I should let them soak first before diving in. Why do they make them so dangerously crunchy?!


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