Feeling done

I am terrified. My heart is racing and there is no real danger. I’m just going to work. I wish I knew why I have this extreme reaction to such benign routine. 

I overmedicate myself just to feel some sort of relief then stumble through the day semi alert. It’s all I know how to do. 

I have no one. I’ve told my story to anyone who would listen until it grew stale and there was nothing more to say. I’m alone and frightened. If this is my life, I don’t want it. 

What else is there to say? What else is there to do?


4 thoughts on “Feeling done

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I totally relate to those feelings. All I can say is that you’re not alone. Keep going, keep fighting. Don’t let those irrational thoughts win. Instead of focusing on hating your life, think of one good thing that you can be thankful for.

    Hoping today turns out better than you were expecting ❤

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    • Today was a rough one one to be sure. But thank you for your kind words. I do try and think of things to be grateful for and sometimes that puts things back in perspective. I could try that a little more.Thank you.

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  2. It’s going to be okay I promise. That’s the vicious cycle of anxiety wondering what we are anxious about. We panic about panicking. I always end up going through my shit in my head like am I anxious over money? Nope? My marriage my mother my health? Nope what is it? Which makes me panic even more. I know how you feel. You will make it through this! Love and light!💜

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