Treading water

I never learned to swim properly. The classes, the summer camps, the parental encouragement, none of it helped. To this day I only dog paddle. 

And that’s how I feel about my mental health. I never learned how to stay a float and steady. I’m dog paddling in the muck just barely keeping my nose above water. 

But I’m getting tired and the muck is thick and deep. It could consume me. But I’m determined not to let that happen. If I can only dog paddle then I will invest in arm floaties to buy me some more time. 

I’m considering the app Headspace which is getting good reviews and is supposed to help with staying mentally healthy. But it’s meditation. I hate meditation. But I can’t deny the good feedback it gets. Could Headspace be the arm floaties I need to keep me above water? What the hell. It’s worth a try. 

Headspace here I come. 


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