Spazzing out

This book I’m reading uses the word “choices” a lot. You make choices and they reflect on you in positive and negative ways but you have to make them in order change. Change how you react and go forth in your day interacting with people. Change your emotional response to those interactions. But it all starts with choices. 

“I choose to be accept me as I am.” That’s one of the affirmations they offer. 

I don’t choose to have panic attacks but I can choose how I react to them. I suppose there is some truth in that. I can accept them as just a part of who I am for the time being and find the best way to handle them. Choose to accept them as they come. When I think about that, there is some sort of relief felt. Like I don’t have to fight anymore. Just sit back and accept it for what it is. Then finding solutions does seem easier. I could take frequent breaks at work. Practice mindfulness more regularly. 

In essence I could choose to be happier. Curb being such a spazz just little bit. One day at a time. I’m gonna try. I’m going to think about my choices and make them more prominent in how I handle myself. 

The book says it’s not overnight thing. I’m still going to try. Or do or do not as there is no try according to a wise Jedi we all know and love. Do it. I can do it. 


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