A good day

Not to sound overly optimistic but I’m feeling pretty good today. I’m battling my anxiety with positive affirmations and breathing exercises and I have to say I’m surprised it’s working out. 

It’s only 9am but I think it’s going to be an okay day. I’m kinda tired but that’s nothing that three cups of coffee can’t fix and I feel sort of anxious but I’m reminding myself that I can handle it and have in the past. 

One of affirmations I’ve been listening to has a tendency to describe life as taking place in seasons. I like that idea. Seasons can come and go and nothing, not even the bad days, will last forever. I think I will take on that mindset. It helps to remember that my life it may not be perfect but it will change if I keep trying to make a positive impact on what I’m doing with it. 

Okay. Here I go. I’m going to give this day the best I’ve got. 


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