I opened my dryer this morning to pull out fresh clothes for my 6 year old son’s picture day only to find every shirt, pair of paints, and underoos were covered in red melted crayon. He forgot he had it one of his pockets he said. Great. My husband being the terrific man he is immediately jumps on mommy blogs for a solution to save the clothes if we can. He finds one and is currently trying it out.  Fingers crossed. 

And me? Well I found out I don’t like French roast coffee after buying a bunch and I’m too poor not to use it anyway. Bummer there. 

And my whole day seems to revolve around sleep time which is so precious to me. It’s the only time I can relax and let go. As soon as I wake up the cycle of anxiety and doubt starts again. All I want to do is sleep. Or at least hide in bed. 

Oh well. More meds and the hope that I’ll get through yet another day.