Let the gratitude begin!

I found a gratitude journal! I searched through so many but this one has an interface I like and it’s pretty simple to use. I have an iPhone and don’t know if it’s available for Androids but I’m sure something similar is. 

I started using it yesterday and started with being grateful that my son is well adjusted at school and doing well. Above average even. That’s great news from a parent/teacher conference we just had! 

So I think the deal is that you use it daily for at least a month and you’ll start to see a happier, less depressed you. Challenge accepted. Can’t hurt, might help. 


Trying to find peace of mind 

Today was the first day in a long time I didn’t feel anxious at work. Maybe it was because I knew I got to leave early or maybe it was because there is something to this positive self talk I’ve been chanting at myself. 

Now I’m playing Power Rangers Dino Charge with my son. Good times. 

I’m thinking of downloading a gratitude journal. I read somewhere once that they can be very helpful in keeping a positive mindset and can be good for helping deal with depression.