Taking a breath

Went to see my psychiatrist yesterday. I told her about my anxiety and how it dominates my time at work. She made a suggestion and I think she may be right. 

Breathe it in. 

What good has come of me fighting against it? More anxiety. So she said basically that I should learn to accept it. Recognize it as just part of me and know that it’s just something I have deal with. 

And you know, I actually feel like that is something I can do. It would ideally be nice to give up the fight and be able to be at peace knowing that anxiety is just a thing I deal with. Now, I will have to find ways deal with it. She suggested guided imagery, mantras, and affirmations. I did some affirmations this morning before work and it did help me feel more braced against my anxiety. I have chanting mantras in my head all day and they do help. 

I am capable of doing my job and doing it well.  

I am afraid of my anxiety but it can not hurt me. 

I am OK. 

I’ll keep at it and maybe I’ll get somewhere. It would be nice not be so wound up for a change. I’ll be OK. I am OK. 


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